The Museum of Communication (Bern, Switzerland) wins 2019 Museum Prize

The 2019 Council of Europe Museum Prize has been awarded to the Museum of Communication (Bern, Switzerland). The museum was selected by the Culture Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) at a meeting in Paris today.

According to committee representative for the Museum Prize, Nino Goguadze (Georgia, EC), the Museum of Communication “is clearly a very interactive, multi-sensory, participatory, accessible, playful, open and democratic museum. It is a lab for social interaction, relationships and processes. It addresses, in a creative and open way, emerging issues related to present-day communication: the value of truth; the impact of lying; privacy; hacking secrets; understanding and misunderstanding; communication in a culturally diverse society; and the issue of ‘memory’ from millennia-old clay tablets to contemporary ephemeral ‘clouds’”.